Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Remember, remember the 31st of December.
New Years Eve is today, just in case you missed it.
Even thought I made a resoultion to move my blog here, I'm not big on resoultions. I figure if I want to do something, I'll just do it.
But some people get into it due to starting the new year fresh and new.
I dig it.

I'm actually at work today.
Its New Years Eve and its suppose to snow about 6 inches today.
What will I be doing at work (because my mind is totally distracted and I don't want to do work)?
SPT 12.18.08 part 2

mmm... not a lot.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What makes a person so popular?
I never have been.
You know who is popular?
Abe Lincoln.
Who would have thought.
Not I.

presidential sling

presidental hugs

Monday, December 29, 2008


With the Holidays now over I am thinking of new year resolutions.
What is it you may ask?
Loose some weight, quit smoking, try to find ways to obtain super powers?
No, not quite. However finding ways to obtain super powers would be cool.
I would want powers like Jean Gray from the X-Men.
But anyway, my actual new years resolution? Something that I know I can definitely achieve....
Moving my blog to this site.
Done and done.
That was tough work but I got it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

what the crap?

Halloween being today and all I decided to have my very own Scary list!!!!
Some people may not like it.
Well, I don't care.
Enjoy it.

Lets start off with the scary movies.

Exorcist was always a scary movie.
And Linda Blair/Regan was scary.

Flowers in the Attic.
This scared me, especially the grandmother played by Louise Fletcher.
I wouldn't want to be trapped up in an attic with a scary grandmother, and a mom that doesn't care.
Too bad Kristy Swanson didn't meet with Donald Sutherland yet and learn of her Buffy powers at that point.

I hated this movie.
I couldn't watch it as a child. It was too scary.
And it holds true today!
I have yet to watch this movie.
Nor will I EVER!!!
So don't come over with it in hand.
I will knock it out of your hand and thrown it in the dumpster (I would say river, but I don't want to litter)

You know what's scarier than Chucky?
The Bride of Chucky.
Now people were just trying WAY TOO HARD to make an extra dollar.
Might as well be holding up a sign on the street corner saying "Will make horrible HORRIBLE sequal to horror movie for money."

And what's scarier than Chucky?
Actual Porcelain dolls.
I'm not kidding.
I never owned one of these, nore will I EVER allow one of these in my home.
Its the eyes!
Don't look directly in their eyes.

Speaking of scary dolls.

A Michael Jackson doll?
I might have pooped my pants.

Speaking of Michael Jackson.
Its not Michael Jackson and his infamous baby dangling.
Or the fact that he looks WAY TOO HAPPY about it.
Or the fact that he has to have the baby's face covered.
But its the fact he has kids!
That's just scary!

Next is not necessarily the person
(but he does scary me too), but it was something I noticed during the debates....

Is that a mask somewhere for halloween?
Well, it should be.

Finally, last but not least,

There is a slim chance, she may, at some point, be president.
This sends shivers down my spine.
As a female, I am truely scared of this person.
(Before you go nuts on me, I am entitled to my own judgement. There are things you may not like about my opinion, and vice versa. So please be nice and tasteful).

So now that I may (or may not) have officially scared you, here is a picture you to help you forget the scary images above and help celebrate halloween, if you celebrate it anyway.

Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

on your toes

I want to keep you on your toes.
Does anyone even read this blog?
Or think I will one day update it?
I guess you are right because I just did.
That is if you were thinking that.
If not, then ignore everything I just wrote.

Question, If Mr. T went back to school and became a doctor, would it be the same when we have to start calling him Dr. T?

I pity the foo' who doesn't use the proper title!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

not really

I don't usually post my blog here.
I instead use the following:

or if I am feeling random and need to tag a link/picture for future reference