Friday, March 26, 2010

I feel naked...

Its hard for me to believe that I got my first cell phone in 2002. I was 22. Especially when I see middle school and high school kids today carrying their cell phones with them. Most of my other friends had cell phones for a year (rarely 2) before I got my first, but they hardly used it. Everyone had landlines. So my friends only used it when calling long distance. Now, 16% of the population does not have a landline and its increasing.
Sales of landline phones are way down and I can safely say most of my friends don't have a landline.

Now you may be asking, why the crap are you talking about this and why is your titled "I feel naked..."
Well with the dependency of cell phones today, and the more uses cell phones have (texting, email, interweb, etc) when one forgets to bring their cell phone with them, well, the whole day is thrown off. So now here I am, without a cell phone, feeling lost and alone, oh and very naked. Plus I cannot go home and get it now.
Saying that I feel naked not only seems very appropriate to say, but also awkward, making it even better because, well, I like making a situation awkward.
So to avoid weird visuals, I'll give you this:

A sad iphone. Which is what my phone looks like right now because its not with me.
Either that or its happy that it gets a break for a day.
Doesn't the saying go "if you love them, let them go?" Maybe this day will allow me to love my cell phone even more than I did before.
*sniff sniff*
I know I'll love you more when we are reunited!

Please don't judge me...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ms. Fix It

I enjoy learning how to do things.
Most of the time I like to learn it with the help of my friend the World Wide Web. Sometimes the World Wide Web and I will have our disagreements or arguments, but we always make up. I can never stay mad at them.
Anyway, I taught myself or sometimes with the help of others (actual people, not the computer) how to do things. I have learned from watching my dad (he attempted to be a handy man sometimes successful and sometimes not) and watching my friends. I learned the inter workings of the computer through friends and my brother. So when it comes to calling up customer support for further assistance (when I cannot figure it out) it pisses me off when I tell them I have done everything they just told me to do, but they want me to do it AGAIN because they think I don't know. Grr... But this isn't about that (yet). Other things I learned, HTML, CSS and Flash. Nothing at an expert level or even advanced (and most Flash I have forgotten now), but enough to get by or expand on if I wanted to.
But learning all these things would just build up in me and then I NEED to know how it works. So I learn how to do it. I'll ask my friends who know about it, questions.

My need for knowing how either things work or knowing how to fix things has grown. I just recently learned how to fix an ipod. I researched it about 1-2 years ago because someone thought their ipod died. It ended up just needing an old fashion reset, but I learned how to replace the hard drive, thinking maybe it was that. So I learned how to do it. Step by step. It was fascinating to me. I sat on it because I didn't want to spend money on getting all the parts on fixing an ipod when there was a chance it wouldn't work. Well, the urge to do it was too much and I gave in.
I bought a used ipod video on ebay.
They said it wouldn't turn on.
They lied.
The audio didn't work.
At all!
Through headphones or the dock (which FYI, its VERY COMMON for Ipod 5G/Video!)
Plus, the guy clearly busted the front cover probably trying to fix it himself and failing. Miserably. (now I have to buy a new front cover too)
So what I originally thought was a battery or hard drive issue, turned out to be a logic board issue.
I learned how to do that, bought a new logic board, swapped it out and presto! It works. So now I have a used ipod 5G for cheaper than a refurbished one and roughly about the same price as a used one I can get off ebay.
I must say I'm proud of myself.
Now, I'm no expert, but I can always help and send you in the right direction if you decide to fix your ipod yourself.
Just let me know.

Fixing stuff

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I'm still trying to learn.
Playing with textures.
I'm not impressed with this.
I should have played with this one a little more.
Oh well...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Change can be good.
Many people are afraid of change, which I don't blame them.
It is a scary thing.
I always admire people who can change things around in their life and continue to carry on in their life as if nothing happened.
Its been a while for me, but I think its time for some changes in my life.
I'm hoping it comes soon.
I also decided to make some changes in my etsy shop.
My changes haven't happened yet, but it will.
In the mean time I'm putting together a sale in order to make room for the changes that I want to make.
So check out my shop and enjoy.

I figured I should put up a picture relevant to what I am talking about.
They say its always good to have a picture up on a blog to make the blog entry stick out. So I searched and the best picture I figured was of a stencil artist's work (Meek).