Tuesday, December 29, 2009


a suggestion for "things that are awesome" was families.
And the time to talk about the awesomeness of families is right after the holidays.
Not all families are awesome, but sometimes they are.
Mine isn't too shabby.
I went over to my mom's new place to check it out and to also pick up some of my old stuff. Mostly books, but some other great gems here and there.
(I'll take more pictures of them and post them in the near future.)

Its awesome to see my mom, whom I haven't seen in a while.
Its awesome to find a picture I drew of a castle that I won 1st prize for in the 6th grade.
Its not awesome to be shown and shown to others, the awful/awkward pictures of me when I was younger.

Monday, December 21, 2009

who are you?

So I'll be busy this week with holiday-ish stuff.
But I wanted to put out another "Things that are Awesome" for everyone to think about while I'm away. And when I say everyone, I mean the 2 people (counting myself) who are reading this. At least I think there is at least 1 other person reading this.

Anyway.... I just wanted to put out there that another Thing that is awesome, is you.
And who better than Abe Lincoln himself to reiterate that.

abe said so

Thanks Abe. You are the best! oops. I mean... AWESOME! Just like the one reader! Thanks reader!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the 'stache

This is the first installment of...

I couldn't go and make a Things that are Awesome list without having my first list be about the 'stache.
Now you may be thinking, "PFFT! You already blogged about facial hair loser!" But PFFT on you! I'll have different people on my list.
Now who's the loser?! Not I, LOSER!
Here are MORE examples of famous people who hold the power of the 'stache:


Ned Flanders (diddly)

The Village People (ignore the Native American)

Mario Mario (Yes, Mario's last name IS Mario)

Alex Trebek

Groucho Marx

The Swedish Chef

Here is Mario Mario showing us the different kinds of mustaches there are.

If you don't enjoy the fun/awesome-ness of the mustache, then clearly you are missing out.
For those of you with mustaches that have been looking for a good mustache institution, look no further.

You're welcome.


so wait a second.
Did I fall asleep for a couple of weeks?
How is it only 10 more days until christmas?
What happened?
The weirder part of all of this... other than 1 gift I need to get and 2 gifts I'm getting in the mail. I'm DONE with christmas shopping. I'm pretty amazed with myself. Usually I'm still running around trying to get gifts.
Not this time.

However, I have been busy.
Orders have been coming in quickly and cuddle time with my dog has been a high priority due to the cold weather.

So I just decided that I have neglected my blog.
So I am going to start posting things that I think are awesome.
Whether it be other items from etsy, words that I enjoy saying and/or hearing, TV shows, etc, I'm going to start.

Today, it will be cuddling with pets.
It is pretty awesome when they do it.
Did you not see the smile on my face?
Well, look again.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

better than

I was never athletic. I'm still not.
I never placed in anything, which always meant I was always placed in the "honorable mention" categories.
You know, the ribbon they give out to the rest of the kids that didn't place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd so that they feel better and can at least bring something home to your parents.

But now, I don't mind at all. Hell, I bask in the idea of being part of the honorable mention category. To me, its better than 1st.
This shirt is dedicated to all those honorable mention kids.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I heart nerds

I love mythbusters. Reassuring everyone that I really an a nerd.
But nerds are in, right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, I learned a lot from Mythbusters. Now whether they can be 100% conclusive with their findings, I don't know, but its just so fun to watch.
Here are some things that I have learned:

- Pirates use the eye patch to be able to have a night adjusted eye.
(above possibility reassures that pirates were cool and smart)
- daddy long legs can bite through our skin, and their venom is not deadly
- When blown through a cannon, certain cheeses can be deadly.
- Beer before liquor not necessarily sicker
- room temperature beer + ice + salt = cold beer in 5 minutes
- I want their job
- a car with their windows down saves more on gas then turning on the AC
- etc

What would I have done without you mythbusters?
Gotten the same geeky information via the internet? BORING!
Watching then try to figure it out and in the process be nerds and/or make fools of yourself is so much better.


P.S - I LOVE those guys but not enough to eat my cat.
Don't know what I am talking about? Go here: http://www.mileysavefuzzy.com/

P.P.S - No that apparently is not a joke. She's as "serious as a heart attack"

P.P.P.S - yes, that is an actual quote.

i heart mythbusters

Friday, October 30, 2009

pre halloween

So happy halloween. Most likely I will not post again until after the halloween festivities.
So here is my last halloween photo.
I'll miss doing these. But maybe I'll still make scary/creepy pictures. We'll see.

spt 10.29.09

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I really enjoy Halloween.
As a child I always dressed up. Typically because everyone else did, but I don't think I was excited about Halloween as a child as I am now. Something about the crazy costumes and makeup. The children screaming because they ate way too much candy and are on a sugar rush.
Plus I've been on this scary photo kick. I'm really enjoying it. On top of the fun-ness, I'm learning more on photoshop.
Fun and learning? you might be thinking, that's crazy. But its true.

Friday, October 23, 2009

hollows even

I'm not sure how many more scary Halloween photos I'll do, but it was fun and I would like to do more. But I guess I'll settle with having at least one done.
Everyone should try it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'll do it again

I have mentioned before that I'm a geek.
I really am.
I really like computers and working with them.
I like Star Wars, technology and wearing glasses. Granted I like wearing glasses because it helps me see things. Especially when driving so that I don't hit things.
Or people.

Here are other hints that I'm a geek:
- I read geekologie.com and gizmodo.com every day.
- I taught myself HTML because I wanted to know it
- I really wanted a spider man kids shirt that saw at Old Navy but it's meant for a little boy so it doesn't fit me right.
- I enjoy playing video games once in a while
- I made this shirt.

Enough said.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


This past weekend I drove up to Burlington, VT.
I ate, drank, and relaxed.
In 3 days I visited 3 breweries, ate at the Skinny Pancake (twice), and enjoyed some Ben and Jerry's ice cream (in 55 degree weather).

For those of you who never stepped foot in the state, Vermont has a lot of breweries. Also mountains and woods. But I'm sure more people care about the beer... ahem... So the 3 breweries I visited were Long Trail, Otter Creek and Magic Hat. Long Trail is more of a restaurant/bar than anything else but it was so packed we couldn't stay to enjoy the food. Otter Creek is small and they only have the occasional tour, but their Oktoberfest is delicious on tap. Magic Hat looks just like you think when looking at their label designs. They have a decent sized store and fairly frequent tours. Much beer was sampled.

Speaking of samples, I had many samples of Cabot cheese while I was there too. So much cheese, it was so good. I love cheese. I learned that Cabot cheddar is lactose free.

I love cheese.

P.S - the Skinny Pancake is a crepes place. Delicious. If you ever go to Burlington and like crepes, eat there! They serve breakfast and dinner too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Having my cat and dog are really my first pets I have had.
I had a dog when I was younger but I was too young to understand what having a pet is all about.
I was not really mature enough to take care of a pet at that time. Frankly I'm not really that mature now, but in different ways (for examples you should follow me on twitter).
But now, I have a dog and a cat and I love them both and they seem to love me.
They still amaze me in how much they understand and express how they feel.

Recently, a co-worker has a 15 year old dog that has cancer. unfortunately they cannot perform any surgery so the dog is taking medicating and they are not sure how much longer the litte guy has. Its so upsetting to hear. It hurts more when I think about my dog going through that.
But I try not too. She's still young.
Don't think I forgot about my cat. I LOVE her too. she was around 4 years before my dog even existed.

Dress for success

I might torture my dog

SPT 9.17.09

Chillin' like a villain

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I suck as this.
I keep lying to you all (all 2 of you?)
I've been super busy.
But I have gotten some stuff done.
Such as some photos with my friend who was nice enough (and bribed with a free t-shirt) to model some of my shirts.


Monday, August 24, 2009


Where was I?
Sorry. For anyone who cares, I've been busy.
This summer has been busy.
I've been running around taking care of things which has put many things on hold.
Including most of my crafts. I've been able to do enough to get customer's orders done.
But I'm kind of back. I'm also kind of not because some big changes are in the works.
If everything works out, I'll be moving. But its going to take a LOT of work. A LOT of work I will not want to do. But it may mean others may benefit out of it. Such as selling things for fairly cheap or giving it away (if you are lucky).
I'm not going to hold my breath. It all depends on a lot of factors, but we'll see. I'm not being optimistic about it, but I"m not being pessimistic about it either.
The glass is neither half empty or full...
so what does that mean?
Beats me.

Here are some pictures of things I made. Once I get some other pictures up, I'll post more of them.

birthday gift

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Recently, there are movies out there that I really want to see in the theatre.
This is unusual because I'm always up for just sitting at home waiting for the movie to come out on DVD rather than wasting $13.75 to watch it in a theatre with a whole bunch of strangers.
But these movies seem worth spending the money.

Alice in Wonderland
Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland? Why didn't someone think of this to begin with? Who else but Tim Burton should be directing this trippy, crazy and weird story of Alice falling down a hole (and not getting killed), drinking stuff to make her small, eating something to make her big, hookah smoking caterpillars, a trippy cat that disappears except for this eerily floating gigantic smile, and a mad hatter who is.. well.... mad. Plus, Tim Burton stole my heart when I first saw Beattlejuice. It was all downhill from there.

Tron Legacy
Tron? The movie? Again!?
I loved this movie as a kid. The crazy state of the art special effects (at the time) and the premise that this video game expert gets sucked into a video game. Awesome. Now they have the "legacy?" I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but the trailer has me hooked.

Whip it
Ellen Page. Adorable. Drew Barrymore. Adorable.
A woman lead and a woman director? That's pretty awesome to me.
Maybe it looks like a predictable movie, but I'll see it.
People need to support women leads and women directors more often.
Besides, roller derby-ing? That rocks.

Where the Wild Things Are
Arcade Fire's song in the trailer already got my attention, let alone my favorite book turning into a movie? I had my doubts. But then I saw that Spike Jonzes was the director and I saw the trailer and I realized I NEED to see this or I MAY EXPLODE. Spike Jonzes is probably THE BEST person to direct this. Why?! Just think of his music videos (which I LOVED). He is a master at blurring fantasy with reality very VERY seamlessly. He's also directed such classic videos such as : Weezer's Buddy Holly, Beastie Boys Sabotage, Wax southern California (the guy who is on fire running in the whole video), Bjork its oh so quiet.
Do you not know any of these videos? WATCH THEM NOW!!!!
Ok so you are not good with music videos, how about the movie Being John Malkovich? A door that goes into the mind of John Malkovich where you can control him like he is your puppet?
Also, he got full 100% support from Maurice Sendak (author) and basically Sendak said, he couldn't think of anyone else better (which he got MANY offers over the years from other directors to make his book into a movie and rejected them all)
P.S - I know I already posted this trailer in my blog and said how much I wanted to see it, but I saw it among the other trailers above and I HAD to post it again. Thank me later.

I would add 500 days of Summer on here but I actually watched it already. I scored some free tickets for an advanced screening. What did I think of the movie, you may be wondering? I would pay to watch it again.

so who's coming with me?

P.P.S: Is it me or the boy who plays Max from Where the Wild Things Are (Max Records-yes I looked it up and Max is his name/stage name) looks like he could be a younger sibling of Ellen Page? No? Just me? Eh whatever.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sometimes with my pets I get Lenny moments (from Grapes of Wrath) where I want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them.
Maybe too much.
Sometimes I do hug my pets.
But then they look at me funny and run away from me.
How dare they judge me!
After everything I have done.

On another note, I'm going on vacation.
For all those people who are thinking, sweet, she'll be out of the house.
HA! I have a friend watching over the house and the cat.
Beat that!
Beat it!

Also, who is sick of all the Mike Jackson news?! Isn't there something more news worthy out there???????

Also also, when I come back I hope to get some new projects running for me to sell on etsy.
Let's hope they are worth the buy.
Plus, I need to get some stuff ready for consignment at a brick and mortar boutique that I'm going to participate in.

Buy my stuff!
I'm not subtle.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

things that

These are some things you needed to know about me.
1. I DID in fact get my iphone 3gs
2. I HAVE been busy since family is coming down for the weekend
3. I am a tech GEEK so my brain told me I MUST get a cell phone with a data plan
4. I MUST get the new Mew sampler EP
5. I WILL post up some pictures from Seattle
6. I LOVE cheese
7. My mind IS in the gutter

gaswork park
gasworks park
SPT cheating...
Watch out for
discovery park

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remembering memories

I watched empire records yesterday while making and eating dinner.
I loved that movie growing up in the 90's.
It made me want to work at a record store SOOOOOOOO bad!
Then I was sad because the music store industry is dying and if Empire Records really did exist, it would be struggling to stay alive.
Joe (the boss) would be stressed out much more than he already was.

Listening to the songs was nostalgic.
I also wanted one of those "stu-pid" pins that Deb made.
Which made me want to make a shirt that says that instead.
It probably wouldn't sell.
We'll see.
I also want to throw a 90's music party.
All 90's (early 90's preferable).
"Damn the man! Save the 90's!"

On a different note, I've been lagging on making my ideas come to life.
I have some, but I haven't been doing much about it.
I think I've just been lazy.
I did decide to continue making the Mr. T pillows because who doesn't want to give Mr. T a hug?
I would never pass up the opportunity.
Hugging Mr.T is like floating on a cloud.

P.S- the Gin Blossoms song "Til I hear it from you" has been stuck in my head since last night.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy multiple Birthdays

There were many of my friends birthdays recently that were clustered all together.
So Happy Birthday to all my friends!
You know who you are.
And if your birthday just passed and I didn't wish you a Happy Birthday, then why aren't you my friend?

birthday gifts
(above: Birthday gifts)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

one of us

so I gave in.
All those thousands of people....
They all have one.
They all play with it.
(no not that perv)
(ok, maybe)
I am talking about the iphone.
The Iphone 3GS to be specific.
After researching like CRAZY, the iphone was the best fit for me.
(That and I also get mad discounts)
So be jealous or judge me.
whatever, i'll still be the coolest kid in my house.
Ok, maybe not.
Because my dog and cat are pretty freakin' cool.

P.S - I'll post some picture of my seattle trip. hopefully soon?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Seeing Fever Ray in NYC in September!!
You should be.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

naughty or nice

White asparagus looks very naughty.
judge for yourself.

disturbing, no?
How about this?
stolen picture