Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Recently, there are movies out there that I really want to see in the theatre.
This is unusual because I'm always up for just sitting at home waiting for the movie to come out on DVD rather than wasting $13.75 to watch it in a theatre with a whole bunch of strangers.
But these movies seem worth spending the money.

Alice in Wonderland
Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland? Why didn't someone think of this to begin with? Who else but Tim Burton should be directing this trippy, crazy and weird story of Alice falling down a hole (and not getting killed), drinking stuff to make her small, eating something to make her big, hookah smoking caterpillars, a trippy cat that disappears except for this eerily floating gigantic smile, and a mad hatter who is.. well.... mad. Plus, Tim Burton stole my heart when I first saw Beattlejuice. It was all downhill from there.

Tron Legacy
Tron? The movie? Again!?
I loved this movie as a kid. The crazy state of the art special effects (at the time) and the premise that this video game expert gets sucked into a video game. Awesome. Now they have the "legacy?" I didn't know how I felt about it at first, but the trailer has me hooked.

Whip it
Ellen Page. Adorable. Drew Barrymore. Adorable.
A woman lead and a woman director? That's pretty awesome to me.
Maybe it looks like a predictable movie, but I'll see it.
People need to support women leads and women directors more often.
Besides, roller derby-ing? That rocks.

Where the Wild Things Are
Arcade Fire's song in the trailer already got my attention, let alone my favorite book turning into a movie? I had my doubts. But then I saw that Spike Jonzes was the director and I saw the trailer and I realized I NEED to see this or I MAY EXPLODE. Spike Jonzes is probably THE BEST person to direct this. Why?! Just think of his music videos (which I LOVED). He is a master at blurring fantasy with reality very VERY seamlessly. He's also directed such classic videos such as : Weezer's Buddy Holly, Beastie Boys Sabotage, Wax southern California (the guy who is on fire running in the whole video), Bjork its oh so quiet.
Do you not know any of these videos? WATCH THEM NOW!!!!
Ok so you are not good with music videos, how about the movie Being John Malkovich? A door that goes into the mind of John Malkovich where you can control him like he is your puppet?
Also, he got full 100% support from Maurice Sendak (author) and basically Sendak said, he couldn't think of anyone else better (which he got MANY offers over the years from other directors to make his book into a movie and rejected them all)
P.S - I know I already posted this trailer in my blog and said how much I wanted to see it, but I saw it among the other trailers above and I HAD to post it again. Thank me later.

I would add 500 days of Summer on here but I actually watched it already. I scored some free tickets for an advanced screening. What did I think of the movie, you may be wondering? I would pay to watch it again.

so who's coming with me?

P.P.S: Is it me or the boy who plays Max from Where the Wild Things Are (Max Records-yes I looked it up and Max is his name/stage name) looks like he could be a younger sibling of Ellen Page? No? Just me? Eh whatever.

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RecoveryBabe said...

I hit up the movies Saturday/Sunday before noon... It only cost $5. I'm not actually sure if it's worth sitting with a bunch of 6 year olds, but I'll take what I can get.