Monday, August 24, 2009


Where was I?
Sorry. For anyone who cares, I've been busy.
This summer has been busy.
I've been running around taking care of things which has put many things on hold.
Including most of my crafts. I've been able to do enough to get customer's orders done.
But I'm kind of back. I'm also kind of not because some big changes are in the works.
If everything works out, I'll be moving. But its going to take a LOT of work. A LOT of work I will not want to do. But it may mean others may benefit out of it. Such as selling things for fairly cheap or giving it away (if you are lucky).
I'm not going to hold my breath. It all depends on a lot of factors, but we'll see. I'm not being optimistic about it, but I"m not being pessimistic about it either.
The glass is neither half empty or full...
so what does that mean?
Beats me.

Here are some pictures of things I made. Once I get some other pictures up, I'll post more of them.

birthday gift

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