Friday, February 19, 2010


Absent is a word that reminds me of elementary school. Its a word that I don't regularly use, but it was used so often as a child, it just stuck.

I was absent the beginning of this week.
Frankly it was a blur.
I got the stomach flu, which I have never gotten before.
I was out. I mean really out. I pretty much slept the first two days I had it and I don't remember much of what happened.
I'm finally much MUCH better but I'm still not 100% better.
Certain foods make my stomach feel odd.

Its so sad because I've been saying my Valentine this year, was my toilet.

(I would hate to use this toilet. Every time I flush, I would take away all the fish's water.)

But needless to say, I'm back.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So remember in my last post I was going to giveaway some things.

Here is one.

Glass Slides.
No, not the electric slide. I can't giveaway a dance move.
But glass slides. They also include the images as well.
I originally bought these from Jasmine Sole when they were going out of business and getting rid of everything with full intention of doing something with them.
Well I didn't do anything with them.
But now I am selling my house and I need to get rid of things. So its the get rid of things giveaway.
(You will get 12 different slides)

Starting Today (2/5/10) until next week (2/12/10)

Leave your name and email address and I'll pick a random person.
Hopefully enough people will participate with this.
that means you.
Its free people!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been busy.
Between my full time job, my personal life and etsy, I am typically busy.
But now that I have a pending sale on my home, I'm even busier.
If the loan goes through, I'm out of the home in March. In the mean time, I have to pack up EVERYTHING of mine. As well as get rid of a lot of stuff.
Most of the bigger furniture I can get rid of. Its the smaller stuff.
The good part for all of you? I'll most likely be giving the stuff away, which will probably benefit all of you readers(?) out there.

So watch out for giveaways that I'll have to get rid of my stuff.
It will be miscellaneous stuff so keep a look out.
I have some glass slides that I purchased from Jasmine Sole. I'll be giving some of those away.
I also have some of my art that I'll give away as well.
I'll also be doing some Moving Out sales.
Hopefully the sale of my home goes through. Which means you will all benefit from it.

In the mean time, I just want to say I'll miss my condo.
I loved it like it was my own home. Because it was. duh.

Monday, February 1, 2010

remember remember...

Not the 5th of November.
Because its February 1st.
I never spelt February right as a child, which always made me feel dumb.
Well, there were many things that made me feel dumb.

But enough about me.

Here is my "heart sale" event.
From Feb 1 - 14 I have discounted my "hearted" items. I adjusted the price on the items in my etsy store.


your welcome.