Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've been busy.
Between my full time job, my personal life and etsy, I am typically busy.
But now that I have a pending sale on my home, I'm even busier.
If the loan goes through, I'm out of the home in March. In the mean time, I have to pack up EVERYTHING of mine. As well as get rid of a lot of stuff.
Most of the bigger furniture I can get rid of. Its the smaller stuff.
The good part for all of you? I'll most likely be giving the stuff away, which will probably benefit all of you readers(?) out there.

So watch out for giveaways that I'll have to get rid of my stuff.
It will be miscellaneous stuff so keep a look out.
I have some glass slides that I purchased from Jasmine Sole. I'll be giving some of those away.
I also have some of my art that I'll give away as well.
I'll also be doing some Moving Out sales.
Hopefully the sale of my home goes through. Which means you will all benefit from it.

In the mean time, I just want to say I'll miss my condo.
I loved it like it was my own home. Because it was. duh.

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Gingerblah said...

congratulations! looks like a nice place