Tuesday, June 30, 2009

things that

These are some things you needed to know about me.
1. I DID in fact get my iphone 3gs
2. I HAVE been busy since family is coming down for the weekend
3. I am a tech GEEK so my brain told me I MUST get a cell phone with a data plan
4. I MUST get the new Mew sampler EP
5. I WILL post up some pictures from Seattle
6. I LOVE cheese
7. My mind IS in the gutter

gaswork park
gasworks park
SPT cheating...
Watch out for
discovery park

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remembering memories

I watched empire records yesterday while making and eating dinner.
I loved that movie growing up in the 90's.
It made me want to work at a record store SOOOOOOOO bad!
Then I was sad because the music store industry is dying and if Empire Records really did exist, it would be struggling to stay alive.
Joe (the boss) would be stressed out much more than he already was.

Listening to the songs was nostalgic.
I also wanted one of those "stu-pid" pins that Deb made.
Which made me want to make a shirt that says that instead.
It probably wouldn't sell.
We'll see.
I also want to throw a 90's music party.
All 90's (early 90's preferable).
"Damn the man! Save the 90's!"

On a different note, I've been lagging on making my ideas come to life.
I have some, but I haven't been doing much about it.
I think I've just been lazy.
I did decide to continue making the Mr. T pillows because who doesn't want to give Mr. T a hug?
I would never pass up the opportunity.
Hugging Mr.T is like floating on a cloud.

P.S- the Gin Blossoms song "Til I hear it from you" has been stuck in my head since last night.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy multiple Birthdays

There were many of my friends birthdays recently that were clustered all together.
So Happy Birthday to all my friends!
You know who you are.
And if your birthday just passed and I didn't wish you a Happy Birthday, then why aren't you my friend?

birthday gifts
(above: Birthday gifts)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

one of us

so I gave in.
All those thousands of people....
They all have one.
They all play with it.
(no not that perv)
(ok, maybe)
I am talking about the iphone.
The Iphone 3GS to be specific.
After researching like CRAZY, the iphone was the best fit for me.
(That and I also get mad discounts)
So be jealous or judge me.
whatever, i'll still be the coolest kid in my house.
Ok, maybe not.
Because my dog and cat are pretty freakin' cool.

P.S - I'll post some picture of my seattle trip. hopefully soon?