Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm not going to change, thank you

I want to talk about music right now.

camera obscura - I dig them.

Maudlin Career - I dig it (came out this week)

Other bands I am currently digging?
Fever Ray
(If you miss The Knife, you now have Fever Ray)

Passion Pit
(They are fun! I can't think of who they sound like. Maybe a little MGMT? help?)

Department of Eagles
Guy from Grizzly bear creating a mellow sound of department of eagles. Excellent on a rainy day.
Excellent, yet kind of oddly gory video.

I have concluded that the art of music videos is not as big as it use to be in the 90's. I grew up staying up late at night watching the creepy and well done music videos by such directors such as Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and Chris Cunningham (late 90's early 2000).
Maybe the art of music videos is coming back but with MTV lacking actual music videos there is no audience. At least I have youtube. But not at work because they block it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

where am I?

I'm busy.
Etsy and other parts of my life have been on hold due to taking care of a puppy.
I'll be back after Wednesday.
But even then I'll be busy.
Busy cleaning.
Friends from Washington are coming to stay for a week VERY SOON.
So I'll be fading in and out of existence until May.


2 dogs

P.S - I'll miss this little guy

Thursday, April 16, 2009


buy me

porter potty

Pugs are the best.
They are so ugly they are adorable!

I'm dog sitting this little guy for a week.
I'm on day 2 and he's snorted his way into my heart.
The first night was quite a treat when he snored, loudly!
It was like my grandpa was sleeping in the room.
The next day he was playing tug-of-war with my dog and he was growling, but it sounded like he was trying to speak Hebrew and there's a Jewish man trapped inside his body.

man I love dogs!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fireworks in april

So for lunch I was microwaving some left over green beans and noticed they were sparking up as though there was metal in them.
(they were in a pastic container)
I freaked out and looked it up online.
Apparently the build up of natural minerals in the green beans create the same metallic firework display you get when you microwave tin foil.

crazy green beans.
what next?
They are going to take over the world?
Not if my belly has anything to do with it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

what's in a name...

So I was thinking the other day of band names.
I realized, there are a HELL OF A LOT of band names that have animals in them.
Or the word animal in them.
Don't know what I am talking about?

I'll name a few:
Animal collective
The animals
The super furry animals
grizzly bear
minus the bear
panda bear
band of horses
cat power
Josie and the Pussycats
def leppard
dogs die in hot cars
that dog
snoop dog
modest mouse
porcupine tree
counting crows
the doves
The eels
white rabbits
echo and the bunnymen

I know I missed some.

And to go with our animal theme, here is my dog's face.

And and to go along with our animals and names theme, the next dog I may or may not get, I want it to be male so I can name him, Marlon Brando.
I think it would be a great pet name, no?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I've got nothing

I haven't written but that's only because I had nothing to write about.

Its been a fairly cold spring and today isn't much better.
The plus side is that when I wake up at 6AM, its actually kind of light outside and the birds are starting to chirp away.

I have some ideas for paintings that I am going to attempt and try to sell.
Basically it was some old stuff that I am realizing I can do something with them.

I decided to sell this

I also decided to make another set of these

I had 2 extra frames so I'm going to make and then put them up for sale.
Look out for them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

forgetful places, forgetful faces

I realized that with pictures, I tend to neglect my cat.
Which is surprising, because she is such an easy model.
Plus my cat has an absolutely gorgeous orange coat.
le punks
If she was alive, she would act like a Hepburn.
So dignified and beautiful. Only with orange/redish hair.

lately she has been craving attention. She is usually never a lap cat, but lately she has been. Plus she has been greeting me every morning.
Its kind of nice actually.
But if I don't give her enough attention, she pukes.

I have lately been drawing lots of faces.
So I figured, I would make them into pin form.
face pins
I haven't listed them to sell yet. I'm focusing my store on clothing and tote bags.
I think I am going to start to sell pins solely on my website.
That is if I can get my sorry ass to sit down in front of a computer to get it done.

I also revamped my website.
There are a lot of things that need to be done on it and I'll probably end up changing the whole layout by next month.
But at least I have something new up.