Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm not going to change, thank you

I want to talk about music right now.

camera obscura - I dig them.

Maudlin Career - I dig it (came out this week)

Other bands I am currently digging?
Fever Ray
(If you miss The Knife, you now have Fever Ray)

Passion Pit
(They are fun! I can't think of who they sound like. Maybe a little MGMT? help?)

Department of Eagles
Guy from Grizzly bear creating a mellow sound of department of eagles. Excellent on a rainy day.
Excellent, yet kind of oddly gory video.

I have concluded that the art of music videos is not as big as it use to be in the 90's. I grew up staying up late at night watching the creepy and well done music videos by such directors such as Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and Chris Cunningham (late 90's early 2000).
Maybe the art of music videos is coming back but with MTV lacking actual music videos there is no audience. At least I have youtube. But not at work because they block it.

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Betty said...

My husband & I love camera obscura too, so I'll have to look into your other bands listed to see if I like them too.