Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Remember, remember the 31st of December.
New Years Eve is today, just in case you missed it.
Even thought I made a resoultion to move my blog here, I'm not big on resoultions. I figure if I want to do something, I'll just do it.
But some people get into it due to starting the new year fresh and new.
I dig it.

I'm actually at work today.
Its New Years Eve and its suppose to snow about 6 inches today.
What will I be doing at work (because my mind is totally distracted and I don't want to do work)?
SPT 12.18.08 part 2

mmm... not a lot.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What makes a person so popular?
I never have been.
You know who is popular?
Abe Lincoln.
Who would have thought.
Not I.

presidential sling

presidental hugs

Monday, December 29, 2008


With the Holidays now over I am thinking of new year resolutions.
What is it you may ask?
Loose some weight, quit smoking, try to find ways to obtain super powers?
No, not quite. However finding ways to obtain super powers would be cool.
I would want powers like Jean Gray from the X-Men.
But anyway, my actual new years resolution? Something that I know I can definitely achieve....
Moving my blog to this site.
Done and done.
That was tough work but I got it.