Friday, February 5, 2010


So remember in my last post I was going to giveaway some things.

Here is one.

Glass Slides.
No, not the electric slide. I can't giveaway a dance move.
But glass slides. They also include the images as well.
I originally bought these from Jasmine Sole when they were going out of business and getting rid of everything with full intention of doing something with them.
Well I didn't do anything with them.
But now I am selling my house and I need to get rid of things. So its the get rid of things giveaway.
(You will get 12 different slides)

Starting Today (2/5/10) until next week (2/12/10)

Leave your name and email address and I'll pick a random person.
Hopefully enough people will participate with this.
that means you.
Its free people!


Digital Misfit said...

Those are so cool!
Great images too.

Moxie said...

I want!! I want!! Mostly I want your electric slide moves but I can understand if your not giving that puppy away...but I'll settle for the Cha-Cha slide yo.

Moxie said...

I"m a dork. Didn't see the end date on your giveaway. So just send the cha cha slide moves my way. :)

XUE said...

Fabulous! We will keep our fingers crossed for these. My kids (9 & 12) are always adding interesting things to their room & these will look great up on the window glass, where they can admire it all the time.