Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I really enjoy Halloween.
As a child I always dressed up. Typically because everyone else did, but I don't think I was excited about Halloween as a child as I am now. Something about the crazy costumes and makeup. The children screaming because they ate way too much candy and are on a sugar rush.
Plus I've been on this scary photo kick. I'm really enjoying it. On top of the fun-ness, I'm learning more on photoshop.
Fun and learning? you might be thinking, that's crazy. But its true.


Christopher And Tia said...

First of all, I'm so jealous that you have photoshop. I could lose myself in it if I had it.

And yes, kids running around screaming and throwing tantrums because of too much candy is probably the worst part. But now that I have kids of my own, who will the ones doing the screaming and throwing the fits... it seems to be ok, I look at it from a different point of view.

Plus I'm wearing cat ears and a tail this year, so...

cabin + cub said...

I'm so excited about halloween this year!! all the costumes, candy and spookiness!