Thursday, October 15, 2009


This past weekend I drove up to Burlington, VT.
I ate, drank, and relaxed.
In 3 days I visited 3 breweries, ate at the Skinny Pancake (twice), and enjoyed some Ben and Jerry's ice cream (in 55 degree weather).

For those of you who never stepped foot in the state, Vermont has a lot of breweries. Also mountains and woods. But I'm sure more people care about the beer... ahem... So the 3 breweries I visited were Long Trail, Otter Creek and Magic Hat. Long Trail is more of a restaurant/bar than anything else but it was so packed we couldn't stay to enjoy the food. Otter Creek is small and they only have the occasional tour, but their Oktoberfest is delicious on tap. Magic Hat looks just like you think when looking at their label designs. They have a decent sized store and fairly frequent tours. Much beer was sampled.

Speaking of samples, I had many samples of Cabot cheese while I was there too. So much cheese, it was so good. I love cheese. I learned that Cabot cheddar is lactose free.

I love cheese.

P.S - the Skinny Pancake is a crepes place. Delicious. If you ever go to Burlington and like crepes, eat there! They serve breakfast and dinner too!

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Gingerblah said...

i'm so jealous! that sounds like a great trip and i love magic hat beer!! i should've stopped in vermont on my way to maine.