Thursday, November 12, 2009

I heart nerds

I love mythbusters. Reassuring everyone that I really an a nerd.
But nerds are in, right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, I learned a lot from Mythbusters. Now whether they can be 100% conclusive with their findings, I don't know, but its just so fun to watch.
Here are some things that I have learned:

- Pirates use the eye patch to be able to have a night adjusted eye.
(above possibility reassures that pirates were cool and smart)
- daddy long legs can bite through our skin, and their venom is not deadly
- When blown through a cannon, certain cheeses can be deadly.
- Beer before liquor not necessarily sicker
- room temperature beer + ice + salt = cold beer in 5 minutes
- I want their job
- a car with their windows down saves more on gas then turning on the AC
- etc

What would I have done without you mythbusters?
Gotten the same geeky information via the internet? BORING!
Watching then try to figure it out and in the process be nerds and/or make fools of yourself is so much better.


P.S - I LOVE those guys but not enough to eat my cat.
Don't know what I am talking about? Go here:

P.P.S - No that apparently is not a joke. She's as "serious as a heart attack"

P.P.P.S - yes, that is an actual quote.

i heart mythbusters

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