Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the 'stache

This is the first installment of...

I couldn't go and make a Things that are Awesome list without having my first list be about the 'stache.
Now you may be thinking, "PFFT! You already blogged about facial hair loser!" But PFFT on you! I'll have different people on my list.
Now who's the loser?! Not I, LOSER!
Here are MORE examples of famous people who hold the power of the 'stache:


Ned Flanders (diddly)

The Village People (ignore the Native American)

Mario Mario (Yes, Mario's last name IS Mario)

Alex Trebek

Groucho Marx

The Swedish Chef

Here is Mario Mario showing us the different kinds of mustaches there are.

If you don't enjoy the fun/awesome-ness of the mustache, then clearly you are missing out.
For those of you with mustaches that have been looking for a good mustache institution, look no further.

You're welcome.

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atomike said...

Hey thank you (the illustrator)