Thursday, January 22, 2009

you didn't want to know

As a child I loved facial hair.
Not the long wizard kind.
Except for Merlin (the one from Sword in the Stone).
I think it was because a lot of humor revolved around his long beard.

But anyway...
I especially liked the scruff.
I remember, I would sit in my dad's lap and I would rub his 5 o'clock shadow until I fell asleep.

Good or bad, there is a lot of fascinations with a person's facial hair.
Sometimes its what makes or breaks a person.
I think a person becomes more famous with facial hair.
But sometimes facial hair doesn't help them.
Either way, I decided to compile a list of people and their famous facial hair.

Tom Selleck

Hit in the 80's for his short shorts and his bushy moustache.
He was a hottie then and became a hottie in Friends as Monica's boyfriend.
I also remember watching him on Conan O'Brien and having a mini adult massager (aka vibrator) put underneath his nose and nestled in his moustache.
Where is his famous moustache now, I wonder?


Who can think of moustaches and NOT think of Dali?
He has a book of his moustache in different poses.
A great artist and a model moustache.

Oh Mr. T.

We loved you in the A-Team and... well... we still love you.
Your facial hair and your mohawk.

For the Love of Chuck Norris.

If you don't think Chuck is bad ass with his beard, then he will find you and punch you in the face.
True story.

Santa Freakin' Claus.

It's Santa Freakin' Claus.
Even for people who don't believe in Santa or celebrate Christmas at least knows who that jolly big guy who gives people presents.

Charlie Chaplin.

Hilarious and with a moustache to boot.
Too bad the moustache is ruined if you don't wear a top hat and a suit.

Hulk Hogan.

famous WWF (now WWE) wrestler.
Bleach blond handle bar moustache.
And has (had?) a reality TV show Hogan Knows Best, where a lot of people thought his daughter was hot.


A genius with a moustache and crazy hair.
Remember that came from him. Or maybe from his moustache...

Oh there are so much more but I really can go on forever.
You might be wondering about other people who have famous facial hair.
Well, it is a bit controversial.
But there are the negatively famous people where their signature facial hair, which has barred that kind of facial hair for life.

um... nuf said.

Bin Ladin.
Once again.... no comment.

and this guy.

Why oh why, guy?

hmm.. makes me wonder...
would I look good with facial hair?
stolen photo
I believe we can all agree that the answer is YES!


Belua Designs said...

This totally made my morning:) Facial hair rocks, especially Tom Selleck....he's dreamy!

cabin + cub said...

ha! too funny!
how about burt reynolds?!.. he is the ultimate of mustache-iness

NONtRENDY said...

Yeah, I was thinking of Burt Reynolds too. He does have the ultimate mustache. AH! There are too many wonderful people with facial hair!

RecoveryBabe said...

What is my facial hair no good for you?

NONtRENDY said...

I wasn't sure how you felt about or facial hair. I didn't want to embarass you ;)