Monday, January 5, 2009

ice ice baby...

So I woke up late this morning.
I am basically running around trying to get to work on time.
Little did I know that EVERYTHING is coating with a sheet of ice.
I take a step outside and almost fall on the concrete steps.
What is my first gut reaction when I almost fall?
To yell out "Shit Balls!"
Seriously brain!?
I have never used that term ever.
Not even in a joking manner.
But apparently my brain decided since I haven't used that term, now was a great time.
On top of that I yell it out quite loudly, with people walking by.
I felt like a fool but at least I didn't fall and crack my head open.
That would be much more embarrassing.

on a side note: this picture is from a coloring book. This man is clearly going to land on his head. What are we trying to teach our children? That its funny to see a man snap his neck on the ice?

On a completely different note... something I made.
2 hearts are better than 1

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