Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yellow umbrellas

So its snowing and crappy and i'm at work.
At first I had no plans on going out.
I was going to stay in, sleep for a while and then do nothing.
But then I felt bad calling out of work.
Damn concious!
Apparently this storm has killed 19 people?
Stretching from Texas to Maine with ice in between.

I'll be getting ice here soon.
Then I'll probably be yelling out "shit balls" again as I narrowly escape brusing my ass or better yet, knocking myself unconcious.

grumble grumble.
No one is here to talk to around me.
They all stayed home.

Here is the view earlier outside my window at work
snow & crap

The areas where there is no snow is due to the heated sidewalks.

My blog seems to be a downer today.
But I did wake up with a headache, snow on the ground, potential ice coming up ahead and now my back hurts.


maybe I should do some work.
But before I go, remember I was going to do other things with that Colt 45 stencil?
were you paying attention?
Do you really care?
Probably not but I'll show you anyway!

1 comment:

Hey Harriet said...

Oh gosh, your day is sounding really sucky. You have every right to grumble. I grumble about much less.

Hope your day improves!