Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sometimes I forget there is a whole other world around me.
Sometimes I forget that I work with people who didn't vote for Obama.
Sometimes I forget that I'm at work and I should be productive.
Sometimes I forget to be careful what I say around certain people
Sometimes I forget who I am.

One time as a child I forgot I was Asian.
I looked in the mirror and startled myself. Not because I didn't know there was a mirror at the top of the stairs (because I did know), but because the person staring back at me scared me.

sometimes ignorance really is bliss and I like to pretend that the world in my head is how the world really is.
Which means, I'm perfect, the world is open minded in every way, and tons of people are reading my blog right now.

What's your world like?
What do you sometimes forget?

P.S- I am working on some new stuff.
Wondering what it could possibly be?
Here's a hint of one of my ideas:


RecoveryBabe said...

1. I forget I should be productive.
2. I forget I should not say fuck around kids.
3. I forget that I like my nails better when I don't chew them.
4. I forget that eating too much causes my ass to get fat.
5. Sometimes I forget that I'm supposed to act grown up.
My world is like a lady of the night who has been picked up, violated, stiffed and then bitch slapped by her pimp.

NONtRENDY said...

you know.. you should write in your blog more often.

RecoveryBabe said...

lol. I really have nothing to say. I write on my Flickr. Plus I may write too much for any normal person to want to read.