Friday, March 26, 2010

I feel naked...

Its hard for me to believe that I got my first cell phone in 2002. I was 22. Especially when I see middle school and high school kids today carrying their cell phones with them. Most of my other friends had cell phones for a year (rarely 2) before I got my first, but they hardly used it. Everyone had landlines. So my friends only used it when calling long distance. Now, 16% of the population does not have a landline and its increasing.
Sales of landline phones are way down and I can safely say most of my friends don't have a landline.

Now you may be asking, why the crap are you talking about this and why is your titled "I feel naked..."
Well with the dependency of cell phones today, and the more uses cell phones have (texting, email, interweb, etc) when one forgets to bring their cell phone with them, well, the whole day is thrown off. So now here I am, without a cell phone, feeling lost and alone, oh and very naked. Plus I cannot go home and get it now.
Saying that I feel naked not only seems very appropriate to say, but also awkward, making it even better because, well, I like making a situation awkward.
So to avoid weird visuals, I'll give you this:

A sad iphone. Which is what my phone looks like right now because its not with me.
Either that or its happy that it gets a break for a day.
Doesn't the saying go "if you love them, let them go?" Maybe this day will allow me to love my cell phone even more than I did before.
*sniff sniff*
I know I'll love you more when we are reunited!

Please don't judge me...

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

I gave up cell phone use 7 years ago thinking I'd make better use of my time and learn to live in the moment. It's been a blast, and very freeing...sort of like going about my day naked. (without all of the body image stuff, of course)