Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Change can be good.
Many people are afraid of change, which I don't blame them.
It is a scary thing.
I always admire people who can change things around in their life and continue to carry on in their life as if nothing happened.
Its been a while for me, but I think its time for some changes in my life.
I'm hoping it comes soon.
I also decided to make some changes in my etsy shop.
My changes haven't happened yet, but it will.
In the mean time I'm putting together a sale in order to make room for the changes that I want to make.
So check out my shop and enjoy.

I figured I should put up a picture relevant to what I am talking about.
They say its always good to have a picture up on a blog to make the blog entry stick out. So I searched and the best picture I figured was of a stencil artist's work (Meek).

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Gingerblah said...

cheers to you! i know what you mean. i could use a change too.