Monday, January 4, 2010

20 years

Some of you may disagree, but with with 20 year behind them, the Simpsons are one of the "things that are awesome." At least to me.

Want proof? Who can say, they did not find the following things funny...

Dialogue between Homer and his brain:
homer: 20 dollars.....
brain: 20 dollars can get you more peanuts
homer: explain how!
brain: money can be exchanged for goods and services.
homer: woo hoo!

You pressed "you" referring to me. That is incorrect.
The correct answer is you.

Homer: No TV and no beer make Homer go... something... something....
Marge: Go Crazy?
Homer: Don't mind if I do!

This is not including all the Ralph quotes that always come up.
"I bent my wookie" or "they taste like burning!"

If you need more proof, well then, I don't know you.
Just kidding. I do.
Well kind of.
Unless I know you in real life. Not Internet life.


RecoveryBabe said...

Simpsons are awesome. fact.

My cat's breathe smells like kat food... lol

Happy New Year Dearie

Gingerblah said...

i concur. the simpson's are awesome!

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