Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iced coffee

So searching for the perfect cup of coffee, I stumbled upon a recipe for Cold Brew iced coffee. At first I thought it was load of crap, but apparently there are coffee connoisseur who swear by this and will ONLY DRINK cold brew iced coffee. Meaning it could be 100+ degrees outside but they would drink a hot coffee over a hot brewed iced coffee. Weird? Well, yeah they are nuts. Have an iced tea instead if you are going to be like that. Freaks.
Anyway, I decided to try the cold brew approach. Mainly because people said that cold brew coffee is less acidic. And lately my stomach has been very upset at me when I drink coffee, especially from places like Starbucks. The punch in the gut of the acidity is too much for me.
I followed the recipe online and right away taking a sip before adding anything else (sugar or cream) showed that it WAS less acidic. But I didn't want to just put sugar in it or make a simple syrup for it, so I choose to make it a mocha.
Wielding some hot coco mix and rice milk I tried but it was clumpy and grainy.
But I'm now trying again, this time I will melt the hot coco and use Silk Soy plain creamer. I'll be trying it tonight, if all goes well, I'll add in the recipe and I'll let you know the jittery results. If it goes bad, then you will never hear from me again.
Who am I kidding, I can't stop talking!
Plus you guys would miss me too much! I know I'm irresistible!

I hope it turns out well.


Christopher And Tia said...

That looks, so good.

I haven't had an iced coffee in forever.

After you figure out the very perfect recipe, come back and tell us how you got there, so we can all copy you and enjoy it as well :)

marry said...

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