Friday, April 9, 2010


I decided to switch over tshirts to alternative apparel.
So out with the old in the new(ish).
Some of my designs will be gone forever (once they sell out).
But some will still continue to be around.

For example, I am keeping my geek and crossbones design because frankly, I love it too much to let it go.
I am working on some new designs that hopefully will do well enough so that they'll stick around for a while too.

In the mean time, I'm going to slowly start to introduce the new shirts or at least newish shirts.

The shirts I am using are new (meaning I haven't use alternative apparel in my shop previously) but the design has already existed.
Get it? Yeah? No? Maybe?

Well, either way, enjoy.
The alternative apparel shirts are super comfy and soft.

1 comment:

XUE said...

Hi there! I'm writing from Tokyo, Japan. Just want to tell you that you have create really nice T-shirts & we especially love the pic of you in "Robots in Disguise".