Friday, March 13, 2009


So I'm not a big fan of Martha Stewart.
There is something about her that disturbs me.
Maybe its the wholesomeness that she tries to portray.
Maybe its some of the tacky stuff she DOES make.
Maybe because she reconfirms the idea of being a housewife who needs to take care of the man.
Whatever, that doesn't really matter.
What matters is that even though I don't like Martha, I HAVE to give her props for being utterly successful with a paint line, kitchen ware, magazines, books, and probably a clothing line, a well watched TV show, and being well respected as a crafty person (which she can be). But she can then, go to jail, get out, get made fun of, go to interviews to discuss what happened, start her show up again with big guests, continue all her lines of stuff with her face plastered all over it, and have the public forget that she WENT TO JAIL!
I just felt like I am part of an infomercial trying to sell Martha.

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