Friday, March 27, 2009


I was REALLY skeptical when I heard that Where the Wild Things are was being adapted to a movie. I figured it was going to be lame so I had no hope that it was going to be good. Especially when this book is famous on its own.
I have also seen how some of my favorite childhood books have been turned into film and they lost a lot of its appeal on the big screen.

But then I saw the trailer and it changed my mind.
I am now enthralled to go and see this movie.

Plus I want that monster suit Max is wearing for Halloween.
Plus plus, Arcade Fire's song seems so chilling and perfect for this trailer.
Plus plus plus, Karen O and Carter Burwell are combining their powers to create the soundtrack.
Plus plus plus plus plus Spike Jonze is directing the film with a GREAT cast to back him up?!


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nuvonova said...

I've never heard of the book, but just watched the trailer and it looks so fun!!! I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for that!