Friday, February 6, 2009

All in moderation

so I hit 100 views
I'm not sure why I had to comment on this, but I did.

onto other things...
I saw this little blurb on an airline website. They are talking about service animals and the restrictions with it.
service animal
Notice where it says "except monkeys?"
All I can think of is that I WANT A SERVICE MONKEY!!!
But not one that flings poo.
Just as Amy Winehouse says about rehab "no no no."
Only "no" on the poo flinging.

I was searching for poo pictures and I found this and I just HAD to use it.
Sorry Busy lovers.

Anyway, I have some new shirts.
Actually they aren't really "new".
They have been around. But I just printed them and models them.

Someone who purchased one of angel unicyclist shirts asked me if this was an original or a Banksy.
Unless Banksy has done this before and I didn't know about it, its an original.
I was sooooo flattered.
I definitly don't come near the caliber work or the creativity he has as well as his political and social voice behind all his work.
But it still made my day.


Beth said...

I want a service monkey. Opposeable thumbs-way more helpful than a dog.

Hey Harriet said...

Haha! Love that poo pic! Love your shirts too! I can understand you being flattered about someone thinking your designs may be the work of Banksy! Very cool. Both you & Banksy :)