Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my brain doesn't want that

So yesterday wasn't necessarily a bad day.
But it wasn't great either.
It first starts off with the bus I take to work breaking down.
Which then the next bus was jam packed with people.
Luckly I had a seat.
After work I get home and realize it was cold and my dog was shivering.
I go to turn up the heat to find out that its 55 degrees in the house and the heat was not turning on.

The pilot light was out.
And... I tried to light it up again and it wouldn't stay on.
So someone had to come and $150 later, it was all because of a $10 part.
So after being there for a half hour and leaving at 11PM, I finally went to bed with a looming bill headed my way.

on top of that, my dog was sick last night and threw up.
Since she was sick and shivering, I tried to keep her warm.
She looked kind of like this
Carly Burrito

and this
little red riding dog

I was going to take some pictures of a shirt I made but with everything happening, I never had the chance to.

le sigh.


April Horsman said...

awwwwww cute photos of the shivery puppy!

Sorry to hear about the pain of repair! The buggers.

Glad its all fixed...

Hey Harriet said...

Sounds like a day from hell! Sorry you dog was sick. Hope your little furry friend is feeling better now. My dog was sick last week, but it was heat related rather than cold...

nuvonova said...

Oh she looks cute! .. but yes, I hate days where everything is just going wrong!