Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I know its true

This month is Heart Health Month and so at work on Friday, people can wear jeans as long as they wear something red.
They said to wear a red tie or any other red apparel.
Which naturally made me think of Shaun of the Dead

But I can't really get away with wearing a tie to work.
I'm pretty sure I would get some strange looks if I did that.
But so I thought, I don't really have any red shirts, so what else can I wear that's red? And I do want to be able to wear jeans to work (who doesn't?!)
Well, here is my list of "things that I might be able to wear to work that is red," list.

1. my heart patch.
How appropriate would it be to come in with a red heart patch for a heart awareness function sponsored by the American Heart Association.

2. If not a red heart patch how about an eye patch? a red eye patch?

Ok... Ok... maybe not.

3. To go with the theme of pirates and red things, how about a red bandanna, like Johnny Depp wore in his Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

Ok so no pirates. I get it. You don't have to yell.

4. If I don't have a shirt how about red pants, like Buffy wore.

I can totally pull those off, right?
mmm... so I don't know about pleather either.

5. How about tights?

wait... but then no one can see them under my jeans.

6. How about red hats? Such as a fez?

7. Speaking of more red hats... how about the ones from the 80's band Devo?

8. Ok so maybe some more realistic ones.

Ok so no one would be able to see them unless I wear them, superman style.

granted I'll probably be sent home if I did this.

9. How about some red socks (not the red sox)

But um... just not with those shoes...

10. But speaking of shoes. This I would totally do. If someone wants to buy me these.

11. Or maybe something from the Gap Red line?

hmm... maybe I should just stick with my scarf.
go go gadget scarf!


Creative Coquette said...

O come on, you could totally do the eye patch!!! That would be so awesomeness! :P

NONtRENDY said...

The red eye patch is quite tempting