Friday, February 27, 2009

hard boiled eggs

I LOVE cadbury eggs.
I love the fake sugary insides of the cadbury egg to make it look like the inside of an actual egg (yolk and all).
Amazingly enough, no hydrogenated oils either (I avoid those like the plague and you should too!).
So they are good for me... relatively...
Ok not really.
But whatever, a girl can dream.

I also love my animal masks.
I decided that I needed to revisit/redo some of my etsy pictures of my shirts, so I Incorporated the masks.
Check it out!

and this!

They are so great!

I love the fact that I got mentioned in the suchcoolstuff blog.
They interviewed The May of Teck Club and she mentioned my shop as one of her favs. You should check out her stuff. She is one of my favs too!

And because she mentioned me, I'll also be featured in the blog as well.
Look out for me.
I won't tell you when until the day I'm features so you'll have to stay tuned to my blog and their blog as well.

I love that I am getting a new bag from Moop.
Actually I got it from their site
Its their duffel that they sold out of a while back ago and I was very upset. But they have it back on their main website and I got one!

Ok this is too long already.
I'm probably boring you.
I'll end it on that random note.
Besides, I need to get back to work.


GumballGrenade said...

Love the masks! Love the shirts!~

Creative Coquette said...

These photos turned out great with the masks! Luv the shirts especially the second one :)